Grassfed Benefits

Food Safety

Food safety is a buzzword in the media nowadays. Unfortunately, despite the numerous recalls of meat, the media doesn’t inform consumers of an important fact: One of the many benefits of grassfed meat is that it is safer.

There has never been a case of Mad Cow disease reported from a 100% grass-fed cow. And multiple studies have shown that the dangerous acid-resistant e. coli 0157:H7 is either completely absent or at much lower levels in grass-fed animals, as compared with grain-fed.

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Remember to look for 100% grass-fed beef and lamb. “Pastured” or “grass-finished” does not necessarily mean 100% grass-fed, and it makes a difference!

Animal Health and Welfare

Mike and Judith met 14 years ago when we were both volunteers for a horse rescue organization, and our love for animals and the land is a large part of what drew us to sustainable farming. Most Americans — including us back then — try not to connect the meat or eggs or dairy on their plate with the live animals that produced them. But the reality of conventional farms is horrifying, and we decided that we could not keep turning a blind eye. We started by buying our food from local farmers who treated their animals humanely. And when we decided to go into farming, one of our primary commitments was to ensure that the animals on our farm lead healthy, full lives.

There are many components to this commitment. We start by breeding our own animals, so we know how they have been handled from the first day of their lives. We’ve taken workshops on low-stress livestock handling and spend a lot of time quietly working the animals so that they aren’t stressed when they’re moved or transported. We use homeopathics and Bach flower essences to address any stress gently and naturally. And we place a high priority on healthy, species-appropriate diets. A sheep does not eat the same thing as a pig or a chicken. And while it may be easier and cheaper to raise cattle and sheep on grain (which is why it is the dominant approach in agriculture), it leads to health problems for the animals. Our sheep and cattle graze on pasture, and we feed grass hay and alfalfa hay, natural forages that keep them healthy.

We always welcome questions on how we care for our animals and why, so please don’t hesitate to ask.

Environmental Benefits

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